Best TV Shows You Aren’t Watching: ‘Friday Night Lights’

Posted: October 20, 2007 in best tv shows you aren't watching, friday night lights, starpulse articles

The praise has been spread high and wide by critics, but for whatever reason, people aren’t watching NBC’s incredible Friday Night Lights, perhaps the best written, acted and produced show on television.

Not a show about forensic specialists, lawyers or doctors, Friday Night Lights shines a microscope on regular folks living in a small town fueled by football. The relationships in the show are written so honestly and realistically, it often leaves your heart aching with recognition and the thought, “This is life.”

Indeed, the actors have no marks and are encouraged to improv. As the cameras roam free, capturing intimate details, one sometimes forgets that they are even watching a show. Although the show is exquisitely produced with gorgeous cinematography and sprawling landscapes, the docudrama style feels so effortless and real that you can’t help but feel like a fly on the wall during a very private conversation.

One cannot sing praise for Friday Night Lights without singling out the fantastic performances of its young adult cast, especially Scott Porter, giving good guys depth as paraplegic, ex-football player Jason Street, and Zach Gilford as underdog Matt Saracen, who talks like a real teenager.

But Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, turning in the performances of their careers, are the ones you can’t take your eyes off of. They infuse married life on TV with warmth, humor, sexiness and genuine love. No show is more worthy of the title of Best TV Show You Aren’t Watching than Friday Night Lights.

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