The new year is usually a time of reflection and resolutions. Instead of reflecting on the past TV season, we make the following wishes for the coming year, some more attainable than others.

1.) An end to the writers’ strike – More than anything, let’s hope that 2008 brings an end to the writers’ strike with a resolution that satisfies everyone’s demands. Most of this season’s shows are already out of new episodes, and midseason entries like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles aren’t far behind (the show will run out of new episodes March 3). Lost (premiering Jan. 31) will be cut off after eight episodes. What about Ned the Piemaker, Katherine’s big secret on Desperate Housewives and Heroes: Volume III (a.k.a. You Were Right, We Were Wrong)? Their fates remain unknown as long as the strike continues. There’s also the not-so-small fact that most of the other items on this list are contingent on a strike resolution.

2.) A proper ending for Scrubs – After six and a half seasons, some better than others, Scrubs deserves to bow out with the series finale that creator Bill Lawrence envisioned. The fans deserve to learn where and with whom J.D. ends up. The mystery of the janitor’s name must be solved. Lawrence has insisted that they will get the finale out whatever way they can, even if it means they have to tape it themselves and post it online. With no end in sight to the strike, that vision is fading further and further away.

3.) Amnesty for bubble shows
– If any good comes out of the strike, it might be second (and third and so on) chances for bubble shows like Medium, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother and decently, but not stellar, performing newcomers like Chuck and Pushing Daisies. Unless the strike ends very soon, the 2008 pilot season, which usually gears up in January, will be completely destroyed. Unfortunately, that means no new shows for fall. Without the need to make room for new shows, the networks might be more inclined to renew struggling, bubble shows. Maybe there is a silver lining after all.

4.) To get the bad taste of Bionic Woman outTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has already gone a long way in helping to fulfill this wish. It has proven that you can have a remake with tense action, genuine heart and plenty of strong women, both human and not. Let’s hope NBC’s Knight Rider continues the uptrend.

5.) Judd Apatow comes back to TV – Normally, this wish involves another “J” name, but with Joss Whedon already announcing his return to television, the title passes down to Judd Apatow. Now that he’s got the box office dollars and the respect of Hollywood to back up the critical raves, perhaps one of the networks will put its tail between its legs and smartly lure Apatow and his crew back to television, where he created the revered Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. Both series also featured Apatow regulars such as Martin Starr and Seth Rogen on and behind the screen.

6.) Some long awaited TV on DVD releases – It sure would be nice if the studios would release the following TV shows from their vault: Eyes, Karen Sisco, Pasadena, Cupid and Flash Forward. Fans, especially the completists, are also still awaiting the final season of Once and Again and the the last three seasons of Everwood.

7.) A musical episode of Pushing Daisies – With so many Broadway vets in the cast (Ellen Greene, Kristin Chenoweth), Bryan Fuller has already said that they’d do a musical episode if they got picked up for a full season. Well, they did. While there were some musical interludes, unfortunately the strike happened before they could do a full-on musical episode. Here’s hoping that whenever the show returns, a song and dance episode isn’t far behind.

8.) A DVR that records an unlimited amount of programs at once – Most cable and satellite provided DVRs, as well as the TiVo, can record two programs at once while allowing you to watch a third, previously recorded program. On some nights, even that’s not enough. How great would it be if you could record not two, not three, but an unlimited amount of programs at the same time? It may be hard to imagine that there’s that much to watch, even when there’s not a strike, but it’s always nice to be able to leave one’s options open.

9.) The producers of Project Runway realize no one cares about the models – Every week we’re forced to sit through Heidi’s reminder that this is a competition for the models too and the selection of each designer’s model. Note to Heidi: This is a fashion design competition. We’re not watching for the models. Half of them can’t even walk. Miss J would eat them alive.

10.) A smell-o-vision comeback – Smell-o-vision didn’t exactly work out in its first major application. Viewers of 1960’s The Scent of Mystery complained of poor timing, and the technology was ultimately squashed. However, with today’s technological advances, surely smell-o-vision is primed for a working comeback. Imagine being able to smell the pies on Pushing Daisies, the wonderful creations on the Food Network and the dishes cooked up on Top Chef. That’d be some mouthwatering television for viewers and effective tie-in advertising for the networks. That’s what we call a win-win.

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What are your TV wishes for 2008?


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