‘Being Erica’ Season Two Hits Canada on Sept. 22 (Updated)

Posted: September 4, 2009 in being erica

The CBC’s website for Being Erica has a new intro image, which confirms that season 2 premieres on Sept. 22 in Canada. As if I didn’t already want to move to Canada enough.

SoapNet will air the second season in the U.S. in early 2010. Update: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that season 2 will debut on SoapNet on Jan. 20. Season 1 will be rerun starting Oct. 17-18.

If you simply can’t wait for either premiere, executive producer Aaron Martin was kind enough to give me some scoop about the upcoming season for a TVWeek feature. And it’s good.

By the way, if you enjoy Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, I recommend giving this show a try. I think the shows are spiritual cousins.

Being Erica Season 2

  1. […] Canadians curious about what the new season holds and for Americans bidding their time until SoapNet starts airing season two in early 2010, here’s a video preview (and spoilers from executive producer Aaron […]

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