‘Skins’ Season 4 Trailer Puts ‘Gossip Girl’ to Shame

Posted: November 16, 2009 in skins

Remember how the Parents Television Council was getting all riled up over the Gossip Girl threesome, which turned out to be a tame boresome? Well, obviously the PTC has never seen the British series Skins. Their promo campaign one year, right, centered around what amounts to an orgy.

The fourth season of the raunchy, naked and recreational drug-using series is slated to premiere on the UK’s E4 on Jan. 21. BBC America hasn’t announced a premiere date yet for those of us in the states, but a new trailer gives us a taste of what’s to come. It involves sex, alcohol, violence and lesbianism. Take that, Gossip Girl.

Are you looking forward to the new season? Or did the new cast of characters turn you off? Mostly, I’m just excited that my favorite pairing from last season, Emily and Naomi, appears to be very prominent.

Thanks to YouTube user SkinsBrazil for uploading the video. You can also check out their beautiful fan-made trailer featuring clips from the upcoming season here.

  1. mustang07 says:

    A wrote a paper/ presentation for my writing class about the AD campaigns for Skins and Gossip Girls. I did my presentation back in september so the new promo hadn’t come out yet so I used the original trailer for series 1. I go to a small university and now know for being a bit ballsy for basically showing my class images going to the line of a bit porno graphic. I got top mark on the project.

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