Got Burning Questions for ‘Being Erica’ Stars and Creator?

Posted: January 3, 2010 in being erica, interviews

Update: Thanks for all your questions. Look for the interviews to be posted in the coming weeks.

Frequent readers of Staying In know that I’m a big fan of the Canadian series Being Erica, and I know that many visitors share my love for the show. In honor of the show’s upcoming second season premiere in the U.S. (Jan. 20 on SoapNet), I’ll be talking to stars Erin Karpluk (Erica) and Michael Riley (Dr. Tom) on Tuesday. I’ll also be chatting with creator Jana Sinyor (Degrassi: The Next Generation) sometime soon.

I want to give fans of the series a chance to contribute. If you have any questions for Karpluk, Riley or Sinyor, leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to indicate who the question is for and please try to keep them on-topic. I can’t make any promises that your question will be asked, but I’ll try my best to incorporate them.

Those of you have already seen season two, feel free to include questions about that season. I’m caught up on the show, but some readers may not be, so please just leave a spoiler warning at the top of your comment if you’re asking a question about any season two episodes.

I’ll be moderating the comments to make sure all goes smoothly. Thanks!

  1. theTVaddict says:

    Have they officially heard from CBC about a third season?

  2. Myles says:

    Spoiler Warning on this one, although not a major one:

    For Sinyor, I’m curious about how they felt the Kai character came together. I would tend to argue that they didn’t spend enough time with the character independent of Erica for him to become an integral part of the show – was this because they were resisting taking the narrative too far away from Erica, or perhaps not wanting to stretch the narrative too thin?

  3. theTVaddict says:

    One more if there is time, would love to know what Erin Karpluk is doing on LIFE UNEXPETED

  4. Cedara says:

    For both of them: How would you describe the relationship between Erica and Dr. Tom? Professional? Friendship? How?

  5. Cath says:

    For Sinyor
    Spoiler for season 2

    Is there a chance of Kai coming back for season 3?

  6. Steph says:

    For Jana Sinyor – There has been some great music used on the show. Do they have certain songs in mind for certain scenes? Or are they limited by what they can get the rights to?

    As someone else posted, I’m also interested to hear how EK and MR would describe the relationship between their characters.

  7. twee debourg says:

    A selection of queries:

    (BTW, if you could just bring up Power Play I’d love you forever. I’m also curious if Sinyor was influenced by it, because there are a lot of parallels with Duff/Dr. T…)

    Riley: What induced you to take the role, and do you ever feel like you’re channeling of Brett Parker? (Particularly in reference to ‘Papa, Can you hear me?’)

    Riley: What would be your dream role/what’s the kinds of part you’ve always wanted but never been offered?

    Sinyor: Things in Dr. Tom’s office are always moving, appearing and disappearing. How much can we read into set dressing? (Particularly, the hourglass which is -almost always- half full on the desk.)

    Sinyor: The ‘Boy Question.’ It’s been brought up that all the male characters are delightfully flawed, but comparatively undeveloped in comparison with female characters. Ethan and Josh got the worst of it, do they have storylines upcoming, or did they suffer from the short seasons, etc?

    Karpluk: Growing up, were you a fan of ‘Canadian TV’? What shows were your favourites?

    Karpluk: Any thoughts to writing or directing for the show?

  8. twee debourg says:

    The real big question I’d have for Jana Sinyor:

    Modern media focus is on creating ‘worlds’ rather than ‘narratives,’ and extending the world across media. Which ‘Being Erica’ is doing with the ‘blog posts’ and facebook page. How much consideration is put into engaging the fan base and creating a Being Erica fan community, both as an extension of the show and as a recruiting tool for new fans?

  9. LaurenM says:

    Who are the therapists exactly? Where do they come from? How do they get their ‘powers’? are they angels or something like that?

  10. Sanna says:

    Have they ever thought about Erica and Dr Tom in a romantic way? And is the sometimes subtle and double meanings in their dialouge intentional? They have such a good chemistry and I want them together, lol!

  11. Erica says:

    I stumbled across this show and was just tickled that her name was the same as mine =)

    Sinyor: What is the name of that song in the last scene of the last episode of season 2? It was just so moving and perfect for the scene, I just loved it.

    Spoiler for season 2:

    Sinyor: Is Ethan coming back? I was a little miffed that he was always holding Erica back, but I really loved their chemistry together, and I think they were perfect for each other. Even though it was hard to watch all thier conflicts, I really appreciated the fact that they worked out thier problems. It seems like nowadays saying “I love you” doesn’t mean that you’re willing to work hard and make the relationship work. In all the shows I see, hooking up and breaking up is as common as breathing and that doesn’t really truely depict what relationships are all about. It was really refreshing to show a normal relationship that had it’s problems but the couple worked and talked them out. I’m really sad that it ended =(

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