‘Being Erica’ Season Three: A Good Man Is Hard to Find?

Posted: May 12, 2010 in articles, being erica, ew.com

Yesterday, I wrote about the news of Being Erica‘s renewal for EW.com’s PopWatch blog. The series will be back for a 13-episode third season in the fall on CBC before airing stateside in early 2011 on SoapNet.

The CBC’s press release gave some hints as to what viewers might expect in season three. Particularly telling was the omission of Ethan and Kai in the list of returning characters. As I said in my PopWatch post, it makes sense story-wise for both men to exit the series. Their arcs certainly seemed to come to a conclusion, especially in relation to Erica, but I’m a bit surprised that Ethan as Erica’s longtime friend might also be gone.

I’ve been reading the comments at the post, which have a nice mix of pro-Ethan and anti-Ethan sentiments. I rooted for Ethan and Ethan/Erica in season one, but I certainly sympathize with the readers who felt that Ethan was a dull character in season two. Whereas in season one, he had problems of his own, I found him to be underdeveloped in season two. He rarely seemed to exist outside of his relationship with Erica in the present and he barely appeared in Erica’s trips to the past. (For the commenter who wondered how the show could do flashbacks to Erica’s college days without Ethan, I wouldn’t be too worried about that.) While Ethan and Erica’s breakup may have been the right thing and inevitable, it almost felt the character wasn’t being given a chance in season two.

I brought up my frustrations about the men in Erica’s life, particularly Ethan and Josh — another character I was fascinated by in season one, but felt was lacking in season two — to creator Jana Sinyor when we talked in January, but didn’t publish her comments because the season had only just begun airing in the U.S. Here’s what she had to say:

Erica and Ethan have broken up, so however that plays out… If Ethan comes back, then we’ll explore him more. And if doesn’t, then we won’t, obviously. I think we are going to try to explore the male characters more. There’s been some challenges in that regard. I feel like Dr. Tom, we managed to get into him more in a way that I think generates even more interest in him. And I think we’re going to try to continue to do that with other male characters. With Josh, it’s hard because he’s wonderful, but he’s not connected directly to Erica. It’s a limitation of the format. It’s hard to really get into characters that don’t have any connection to Erica. He’s really only connected to her tangentially through Sam. In order to make him more connected to Erica, we would have had to do things we didn’t want to do. So there were some limitations there. But I actually completely agree. I think that developing the male characters more is something that we’ll really be aiming to do in season three.

I’m glad to hear the writers agree that developing the male characters is an area they need to work on. And it certainly seems like there will be more of them to explore with both Erica and, presumably, Sam now single. Mild spoilers ahead. Sam will get a new recurring male coworker in season three, while Erica’s season one boyfriend Ryan will return, according to a new PopWatch post. Kai will also be back. As for Ethan, the “jury is out,” executive producer Aaron Martin told PopWatch, but the news that Ethan’s ex, Claire, will resurface gives me hope that we might see him again.

What do you think of all the man moves being made on Being Erica next season? Do you agree with me (and Sinyor) that the guys need some work? As a fan of not only the show, but also of Erica, I’ll only willing to accept the best for our gal.

  1. yarnek says:

    Whatever Jana Sinyor and her co-writers do is fine by me as long as B.E. returns. Missing Erin terribly!

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