Wes Bentley Joins ‘Tilda,’ Blinds Me With His Eyes

Posted: June 1, 2010 in the vampire diaries, tilda, white collar

There’s a lot of brouhaha surrounding HBO’s Tilda. The comedy pilot about a powerful Nikki Finke-esque blogger has snapped up Diane Keaton and Ellen Page. Some journalists are raising their eyebrows over this. But right now I’m too distracted by this piece of news I missed over the holiday weekend: Wes Bentley has joined the cast as “Tilda’s often called upon cute young IT guy whose relationship with her bleeds beyond just fixing her computer,” Deadline Hollywood Daily  reports.

Why do I care? Well, for one, I really liked Bentley in American Beauty. Instead of breaking through following the film, he did a number of films you probably didn’t see (Four Feathers, Soul Survivors, P2, Ghost Rider) or have never even heard of (The Ungodly, The Last Word, Ligeia). The guy is long overdue for a hit.

But more importantly, it completes my guys-with-pretty-eyes TV trifecta!

Staring Into the Sun: Ian Somerhalder, Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer.

I guess I have a type.


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