New ‘Gossip Girl’ Promo Takes a Stroll Through Paris

Posted: August 17, 2010 in gossip girl

Oh, Gossip Girl. Why do you tease me? And why do I always fall for your charming summer promo campaigns? (Remember OMFG and WTF!?). Here’s hoping the new season lives up to the hype this time.

The good news: Paris, clothes, food, boys! Oh yes, and Chuck and Blair.

The bad news: Dan and Nate are still there, and now there’s a baby too. Have I mentioned that babies on teen dramas is one of TV pet peeves? It’s right up there with teens thinking it’s a good idea to get married in high school. And do we really need another Blair and Serena girlfight/feud that will be forgotten after a couple of episodes? Give Blair a worthy enemy. Speaking of, much to my dismay, there’s no sight of Katie Cassidy in the promo.


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