‘How I Met Your Mother’ recap: The Little Mermaid was a manatee

Posted: December 7, 2010 in articles, episode recaps, how i met your mother, l.a. times show tracker

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson / CBS

The group warned Ted (Josh Radnor) that hanging out alone with Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) is dangerous because she’s married. But it’s OK if you’re old friends, Marshall (Jason Segel) pointed out, using himself and Robin (Cobie Smulders) as an example. Lily (Alyson Hannigan) responded that he and Robin never hang out alone, so they made a dinner date. While Robin and Marshall scenes are definitely rare – Smulders has said it’s because they can’t keep a straight face together – we’ve seen some bonding time before between the two of them. We saw them get trapped together in a car in “Three Days of Snow.” And it was Marshall who first took Robin to the Hoser Hut in “Little Minnesota.” But yes, those are rare treats, every one of which I really enjoyed, so it was great to see the show revisit their friendship.

Their dinner date got off to an awkward start when they went through all their topics of conversation – cold weather, sports, and cold weather sports – in 16 seconds. The stared at each other, their opposite eyes hilariously twitching. Marshall explained that the reason they never hang out together is because of The Mermaid Theory. Cue Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Marshall in a pirate flashback. The myth of the mermaid originated when lonely pirates started to imagine that the big, ugly manatees were beautiful mermaids. Every woman, no matter how plain or ugly, has a mermaid clock, Barney explained, and when it stops ticking, she becomes a mermaid. Cue Marshall seeing Robin dressed up as a manatee.

Read the rest of my recap at the L.A. Times Show Tracker blog.

  1. Raida says:

    Bahahah. I love HIMYM! But frankly, it’s nothing like FRIENDS no matter how much they say it is :/

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