TCA Press Tour: Kick-Ass Women of the CW Panel Highlights

Posted: January 14, 2011 in hellcats, nikita, smallville, tca, the vampire diaries

The Kick-Ass Women: The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola, Nikita‘s Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca, Smallville‘s Erica Durance and Hellcats‘ Aly Michalka

– Neither Candice Accola nor Nina Dobrev knew when signed on to the show that their Vampire Diaries would come to kick so much ass. “I knew that I was playing Elena, who is this wholesome, sweet girl in a tragic scenario,” said Dobrev. “Here we are a year and a half later, and she’s being hunted and killed. And I’m also Katherine, who is crazy and psychotic. But it’s been awesome.” It also takes its toll. “I hope that I don’t kill myself as Katherine,”Dobrev began before pausing. “Wow.  It’s confusing to be in my head and to do this. It’s not easy, and I think I’m slowly becoming a schizophrenic because of it.” Still, she enjoys the challenges because  “it’s never a dull day on The Vampire Diaries.”

For Accola, kick-ass vampire Caroline has been “a very, very wonderful surprise, especially considering that the end of the season opener for season two, Caroline dies,” she said.

– As Smallville nears its end, Erica Durance has found the experience of working on the show “pretty bittersweet.” “I think that there’s so much work to do that to look forward towards the end, you miss doing justice to the scenes that you’re working on,” she said, adding, “There are certainly moments that you think, ‘My gosh. This is the last time I’m going to work with you.’ I ended up just working with Allison Mack and I thought, ‘Is this going to be the last time that I see you?’ I did a scene with her and we hugged, and I was like, ‘Oh, dear.  I’m going to start crying. This is supposed to be a funny scene.’ … You learn to appreciate every scene that you get to do and appreciate working on a show where people really love each other and they care about what they’re doing.”

– Aly Michalka chose Honey Ryder from the Bond films and  Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels as her kick-ass icons.

Accola’s pick: “I think Lucille Ball was a pretty kick‑ass woman and she paved such a beautiful path for women in television. She could be clumsy and make a fool of herself and still just carry herself with such grace and poise and you still laugh your ass off.”

“Lynda Carter. Forget it,” said Maggie Q, who revealed that she used to dress up as TV’s Wonder Woman. “I was too poor growing up to afford Underoos. … So I used to make her outfit out of paper.”

But Durance won over the crowd with her pick: Lucy Lawless as Xena, Warrior Princess. “She embodied a little bit of everything,” she explained. “That’s what I like that’s actually coming out a little bit more is that we as women, we can go out, we can kick ass, we can cry, we can be the femme fatale.  We can do it all, and at the end of the day, we still get the guy.”

Nobrev, meanwhile, was inspired to want to kick ass by Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider films. For Accola, however, there wasn’t a desire at a young age to play a vampire. “I think, probably as a child, aspiring to bite people as an adult would probably make you a little bit of a creepy child,” she said.

– Now that Clark and Lois are engaged, “They are changing her character a little bit more to be a support to him and lift him up so he is the one that is doing all of the ass‑kicking. It has shifted a little bit,” said Durance, but don’t worry, Lois isn’t going to let Clark have all the fun. “She still has opportunities to get in and get dirty.”

– Listen up, guys. “I think a guy who doesn’t like a tough chick is a loser. It’s like, man up,” said Maggie Q, who’s one tough chick. But even she has her breaking point. Filming an intense, 15-person fight for the mid-season finale, “I thought I was going to die,” she recalled. “It was just one of those days where I just turned to the choreographer, and I was welling up a little bit. I said, ‘Dude, I don’t know if I’m going to make it through this day. Like I just don’t know because this episode has been way too emotional. There’s just been so much going on, and there’s so much choreography.’ And I remember just going back to my little corner and just kind of breathing through it.”

Spoiler alert time! Read on to find out what the ladies teased about their shows’ upcoming storylines.

– Things between Mystic Falls’ vampire and werewolves are about to become even more complicated. Teased Accola: “We are going to be introduced to more werewolf action and the meeting of vampires and werewolves and how they are going to play a part in each other’s lives within the world of Mystic Falls. And it’s going to be a little bit of a battle of territories, so to say, and how that affects personal relationships within friends within the town.”

– Michalka revealed that her character Marti will be officially initiated into the squad in an upcoming episode. As a part of the initiation, the squad kidnaps Marti, who has to perform a free fall of the gym balcony. Michalka convinced the producers to let her do the stunt without wires. “It was a pretty high fall,” she said. “I just felt so invigorated.” The scene also represents “a huge triumphant moment” for Marti, who “makes a huge decision to actually say, ‘I am a Hellcat for sure. I’m not bailing on you guys.’”

Marti will also make a big leap to find out who her presumed dead father was and what his life was like as a musician. “She’s trying to find something to hang onto, something to give her hope that maybe he’s alive or maybe there’s something out there that she can relate to,” teased Michalka. The discovery of her dad’s guitar picks will lead Mari to a music store, where Michalka’s real-life sister AJ Michalka plays an employee with a connection to Marti’s dad, Rex Perkins. “She’s going to come on the show in late January, and she’s going to be a really cool character. Very different and opposite from Marti, which I think will be great, and cause a lot of problems with her relationship with Savannah. It will cause her to be a little territorial. …That will be the catalyst of her really reaching out to find more about her dad because Dierdre, which is AJ’s name ‑‑ I’m still getting used to that ‑‑ Dierdre ends up giving her some information that’s really helpful for Marti.”

– Now that Alex is a full agent, Nikita “shifts quite a bit” and “changes for the better,” said Lyndsy Fonseca. “[Alex] faces a lot more responsibility. She’s out on her own for the first time since, really, I’d say, in Russia. She’s balancing going on her jobs with Division and helping Nikita out.”

– “My character is just very instrumental in propelling that mythology,” Durance vaguely teased about the rest of this season of Smallville. Lois will also play a role in “seeing Superman do what everybody wants him to do.  And that’s pretty much all I can say, but he looks good doing it.” The comment got a laugh from her co-panelists, who seem to have crushes on Tom Welling. “He’s cute,” replied Fonseca, who also got excited about Lois and Clark’s engagement. Michalka would also like to see more of Welling – on the set of Hellcats, which he produces. “He’s never on our set because he’s with you guys,” she said. “We are, like, “Tom, can you come see us do cheerleading stunts?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. Sorry. I’m busy.’” “How come Tom doesn’t come visit us?” replied Fonseca. Answered Maggie Q: “Because we are in Toronto. We don’t have Superman.”

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    Smallville is the BEST ever. . Clark aka Superman and Lois!
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