‘How I Met Your Mother’ recap: ‘The mother of all fathers’

Posted: March 22, 2011 in articles, episode recaps, how i met your mother, l.a. times show tracker

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming / CBS

Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) finally met his father, Jerry (John Lithgow), on tonight’s “How I Met Your Mother,” but it didn’t go as Barney expected. In Barney’s imagination, his dad left him because he was living an awesome, legendary life of excess. That’s the only way Barney can justify his absence. But the person who shows up at Barney’s door is nothing like that. Barney lies to the gang and tells them Jerry is “the mother of all fathers.” He ordered the same drink as Barney, picked up a chick in five seconds – that’s still too long for Jerry though, who rips up the number, proclaiming, “Life’s too short for chatty chicks” – and travels the world with rock bands. He invites Barney along, who replies, “This is going to be the second most fun I’ve had on an Asian leg.” It’s legen – wait for it – daddy. Except that Jerry isn’t anything like that. In reality, he’s a skim milk drinking, acid reflux suffering driving instructor with a family in the suburbs. Props have to be given to Lithgow, who gave great comedic distinction to the two versions of Jerry.

Barney wants nothing to do with this lame version of Jerry and ignores his calls, forcing the gang to stage an intervention at Ted’s (Josh Radnor) house, which seems to be coming along nicely. Marshall (Jason Segel) lays on the “I’ll never talk to my dad again”guilt and convinces Barney to have dinner with Jerry and his family, who live just 10 minutes away. (So Ted and Barney’s dad will one day live in the same neighborhood? Random.)

Read the rest of my recap at the L.A. Times Show Tracker blog.


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