‘How I Met Your Mother’: Robin’s got a crush on Michael Trucco

Posted: March 25, 2011 in articles, how i met your mother, interviews, l.a. times show tracker

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk / USA Network.

Things are getting a little more romantically complicated on “How I Met Your Mother,” but it has nothing to do with the mother. Michael Trucco will appear as a potential love interest for Robin (Cobie Smulders) in an upcoming episode, CBS confirms.

Trucco will play Robin’s often discussed but never before seen crush from years earlier in the April 18 episode, TV Guide Magazine first reported. The character has the potential to come back next season despite the fact that Trucco is currently on USA Network’s “Fairly Legal.”

During a recent interview, Show Tracker asked executive producer Craig Thomas what’s in store for Robin next season. Earlier this month, executive producer Carter Bays told AOL TV that “there’s going to be a lot of Robin next season.”

“There were a bunch of huge, emotional arcs going on for the other characters in Season 6, so Robin’s stories were more light and funny,” Thomas replied. “Next season, we intend to dig into Robin’s emotional life more, while, hopefully, sacrificing none of the funny.”

Read the rest of my post at the L.A. Times Show Tracker blog.


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