Shane West Teases ‘Nikita’s’ Twisty Final Episodes

Posted: April 28, 2011 in interviews, nikita

There’s a lot more going on the CW’s Nikita than romance. Michael and Nikita may finally be together (check out Shane West’s thoughts on the Michael/Nikita hookup and what’s ahead for the couple here), but it’s the surprises and intrigue in the spy world that have made the show so much fun in the past few weeks. (Dear CW: Please renew this show. Thanks!) Below, Shane West previews what’s ahead for the characters as the show heads for a “pretty dynamic cliffhanger.”

Michael and Nikita: In this Thursday’s episode, Michael and Nikita will go to Pennsylvania for “a big mission where another Guardian is introduced,” but this one won’t be the stereotypical hunky guy. Working on opposite sides, but together, Michael has now found himself in the awkward position of being the mole after searching for the mole all season. But “let’s be honest,” said West during a roundtable interview. “We only have a few episodes left, and it’s not going to last long.” Is someone going to get suspicious? “Michael’s in trouble,” he finished with a smile.

One thing we won’t be seeing this season: Michael’s digs. “That kind of gives something away by me saying that,” he said. “Things change by the end of the year that I don’t know if we would have seen his stable home, which is kind of a bummer now for me because that would have been fun, just one scene.”

Alex: “We’re immediately going into the fact that Michael and Nikita are now a partnership, and it also has to include Alex,” said West. Michael has “always been very protective” of Alex because “he does see something in her that reminds him of Nikita and that passion and that fight and that will.” While Nikita is worried about Alex for her own reasons, Michael is “genuinely in the dark about all that and he just wants to make sure she’s OK,” he said. “I think it’s that thing that he’s always had for his recruits is that it’s up to him. If they fail, it’s his fault. If they succeed, it’s his fault. … He’s always going to care in a sense about Alex and what’s happening with her and what kind of agent she’s growing in to be.”

Percy: Although Michael is trying to bring down Division, he gets “a lot more involved with Percy in the next few episodes,” teased West. “He’s not done. We’re pushing each other’s buttons.” Michael and Nikita might have bigger things to worry about than just taking down Division if Percy has his way in the finale. “Percy’s plan is to take over the CIA,” revealed West, who also hinted that we’ll get more insight into Percy’s bosses, Oversight. “Alex, at this point, has gone rogue, so you can figure out what that means later. Myself and Nikita are incapacitated in some sort of sense – not together, separately – that we can’t help anybody. It becomes a pretty dynamic cliffhanger.”

“The way the season’s going to end, it’s going to look nothing like it started,” he added. “There are going to be all sorts of splits in different factions.” In fact, the final two episodes are so surprising, West admitted that he “did not see any of that coming,” and he thinks it’ll have viewers begging for more. “If you truly are a fan of the show, you’re going to be very much interested in seeing what happens at the beginning of the next year because a lot is resolved, but a lot of new doors are opened at the exact same time.”

Amanda: “Amanda knows more than she likes to let on,” teased West. “She knows a lot about Percy that she doesn’t want to let on, as well. … She’s going to figure out a lot.” It’s only fitting for the woman with the best interrogation skills this side of the CIA. It all leads to “one of the biggest twists” this season. And with Amanda becoming “a lot larger” in the final episodes, “I think truly the one that’s most confused is Birkhoff,” said West. “He doesn’t know where to put his loyalties right now.”

Jaden: West isn’t too worried about the newly minted agent getting suspicious of Michael. “I don’t think she’s that smart,” he said with a smile, adding, “I don’t think she would be thinking about people such as Michael or Percy as someone that might be screwing around with things.”

Death: As the stakes get raised, could one character meet his or her end before the season’s over? “There is a chance,” answered West. “There’s always a chance. By the end of the season, it’s going to throw up a lot of possibilities of almost everyone being offed. ‘Cause everything kind of falls apart in a pretty amazing way.”

  1. “Percy’s bosses, Oversight” = Alberta Watson! We only hope!! 🙂

  2. The Writer says:

    Ahh, shouldn’t have read this. Now I’ll be on pins and needles till this Thursday!

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