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Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is a name that we’ve heard a lot on this season of the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” He’s strong, powerful, bad, and when he finally made his entrance in last week’s episode, we learned he’s also more than just a vampire. But it was Daniel Gillies’ performance as Elijah that made the vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus immortal. Executive producer Julie Plec was so won over by his work that they decided to make the Originals unkillable, something she’s talked about before with Show Tracker.

Once Gillies made his mark on the show, the brotherly connection between Elijah and Klaus was born. “Elijah was not a character we began the season knowing would be part of the story,” Plec said during a recent press event. “Once we knew Elijah was sticking around, that was the link we made.” (The Curse of the Sun and the Moon, meanwhile, was always intended to be a ruse.) As brothers, Elijah and Klaus provide a mirror to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) relationship and reinforce the theme of family throughout the show, but they’re not an exact reflection of the Salvatore brothers.

“In the beginning, both Joseph [Morgan] and I were trying to figure out which one we were,” Gillies said. “Am I more like Damon or am I [like Stefan]? We couldn’t figure out which one. Actually, we’re sort of a combination of both things.” Morgan echoed the statement, adding, “Both of our characters carry aspects of both of [them], for sure.” The complicated relationship between the two brothers will be further explored in the present day, where things are a little different. “In the 1400s, there’s a different hierarchy going on between us than when we meet again in modern day,” Morgan said. “There’ll be a very different dynamic between the two of us.”

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There’s a lot more going on the CW’s Nikita than romance. Michael and Nikita may finally be together (check out Shane West’s thoughts on the Michael/Nikita hookup and what’s ahead for the couple here), but it’s the surprises and intrigue in the spy world that have made the show so much fun in the past few weeks. (Dear CW: Please renew this show. Thanks!) Below, Shane West previews what’s ahead for the characters as the show heads for a “pretty dynamic cliffhanger.”

Michael and Nikita: In this Thursday’s episode, Michael and Nikita will go to Pennsylvania for “a big mission where another Guardian is introduced,” but this one won’t be the stereotypical hunky guy. Working on opposite sides, but together, Michael has now found himself in the awkward position of being the mole after searching for the mole all season. But “let’s be honest,” said West during a roundtable interview. “We only have a few episodes left, and it’s not going to last long.” Is someone going to get suspicious? “Michael’s in trouble,” he finished with a smile.

One thing we won’t be seeing this season: Michael’s digs. “That kind of gives something away by me saying that,” he said. “Things change by the end of the year that I don’t know if we would have seen his stable home, which is kind of a bummer now for me because that would have been fun, just one scene.”

Alex: “We’re immediately going into the fact that Michael and Nikita are now a partnership, and it also has to include Alex,” said West. Michael has “always been very protective” of Alex because “he does see something in her that reminds him of Nikita and that passion and that fight and that will.” While Nikita is worried about Alex for her own reasons, Michael is “genuinely in the dark about all that and he just wants to make sure she’s OK,” he said. “I think it’s that thing that he’s always had for his recruits is that it’s up to him. If they fail, it’s his fault. If they succeed, it’s his fault. … He’s always going to care in a sense about Alex and what’s happening with her and what kind of agent she’s growing in to be.”


Some shows like to drag out the will they or won’t they aspect of their main couple for years, teasing and torturing viewers. Shane West is familiar with that dynamic after three seasons on ABC’s Once and Again – Eli and Grace: Just step-siblings or something more? – and then five years on ER, where he flirted with fellow doctor/friend Neela (Parminder Nagra).

“They were more what I like to call, I guess, reality-based with relationships,” West said of the shows during a recent chat with the press. “It would takes years for something to happen or years for something to develop.” On ER, “it took me three years to have one kiss,” he added.

It didn’t take nearly as long on West’s current show, The CW’s Nikita, which recently threw out the book and threw its formerly at odds main characters together. The passionate get-together between Michael and Nikita (Maggie Q), which came only halfway through the show’s first season, took West by surprise. “Everything that I thought that would have been dragged on for four or five years because that’s what I’m used to” was suddenly happening, he explained.

“I’m glad that the characters are together because that’s what we always wanted,” he said. “But I was shocked that it happened so quickly. I think Maggie was too. … It’s just trying to get used to how different genres work.”

But just because Michael and Nikita are now an item – “They will absolutely be together,” he reiterated – doesn’t mean that things are going to be happily ever after for them.

“They are different people,” West said. “They come from similar backgrounds and troubled people are attracted to each other, but they do handle situations differently. So now it’s having those, some would say, dreaded relationship talks of, ‘How do we do this now?’”


The third season finale of SoapNet’s time-tripping Canadian-born gem Being Erica on Wednesday took our title heroine back to her less-than-fantastic beginnings, but the resilient Erica came out the other side to pass Dr. Tom’s test and become a doctor in training. Below, series creator Jana Sinyor tackles the episode’s big questions and previews what’s ahead for the show’s fourth and final season, which she says aims “to tie up any loose ends and to give the audience closure.”

What’s Erica’s journey in Season 4 as a doctor in training? | “Season 4 is about coming full circle,” says Sinyor. “It’s about finding happiness and balance. … The regrets are done. [Erica’s] still learning about herself, but she’s learning about herself through how she’s helping as a doctor in training.” A more mature, healthy Erica will pave the way for the show to adopt a lighter tone. “We’re going to be putting a lot more comedy into the show in season 4,” explains Sinyor. “That’s not to say that some big stuff’s not going to happen.” And to reward loyal viewers, Erica will be “revisiting the most loved characters from the first three seasons,” promises Sinyor.

Who is Erica’s first patient? | The next season will pick up right where the finale left off  “with the reveal of who that is” with the gloved hand. “Erica’s first patient is somebody she knows,” teases Sinyor. “The discovery that this person is her patient is unbelievably shocking to Erica.” In addition to a patient, every doctor needs an office, and Erica’s will evolve into something that’s more reflective of who she is. “She ultimately settles on something that is quite different,” while keeping one element from the original design, explains Sinyor.

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Much earlier this year, I got to visit the set of ABC’s new comedy Happy Endings. It was so early, in fact, that the series, which follows a group of friends dealing with one couple’s breakup at the wedding altar, didn’t even have a premiere date yet. The cast chimed with their timeslot pick – Wednesdays after Modern Family, of course.

Working without a premiere date is just par for the course for Eliza Coupe (Scrubs), who plays Jane, the straight-laced sister of Alex (Elisha Cuthbert of 24), aka the one who left her fiance at the altar. “That’s kind of my M.O.,” explained Coupe. “I was on a HBO show [12 Miles of Bad Road]. We shot six episodes. It was like, ‘This is going to be the greatest thing!’ I was playing Lily Tomlin’s daughter. The whole thing was amazing. And then it was like, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to do that.’” And then there’s the ninth season of Scrubs, Coupe added, which had its own ups and downs. “The UK really loves it,” she joked.

But the cast got its wish (sort of) with Happy Endings. The series will make its debut after Modern Family this Wednesday, April 13, at 9:30 p.m. with two back-to-back episodes before moving to its regular timeslot of Wednesdays at 10 p.m. next week. To gear up for the show’s premiere, I present 5 things to know about ABC’s Happy Endings:

1. The cast maintains that Happy Endings is different from the plethora of friends-in-different-stages-of-relationships comedies this season (Perfect Couples, Traffic Light, Mad Love, and the unseen Friends With Benefits). “I think the fact that we are a group of friends that deals with an actual, huge breakup sets the tone for a pretty unconventional relationship, especially between the two that broke up,” said Coupe. “We all have to take sides. … It’s just a very current dynamic of individuals coming together or being together and then having to deal with that.”


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Raise your hand if your excitement for new episodes of “The Vampire Diaries,” kicking off tonight on the CW, is equally matched by your anxiety and fear about what’s to come. After chatting with Katerina Graham, who plays witch Bonnie, Show Tracker is definitely scared for the safety of Mystic Falls’ residents. Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life is in jeopardy, and that means Bonnie will do anything she can to help her, according to Graham. Including risking her own life? In the interview below, Graham talks about the dangers ahead, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie’s new relationship, friendship onscreen and offscreen between the show’s leading ladies, “an amazing scene” between Bonnie and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and much more. She also hints at the return of a familiar face.

I have to ask you about the video you posted on YouTube of you and Candice Accola dancing to “Holiday.”

You know what’s so funny is that Candice and I go to dance class all the time, and we usually never film it. Just out of privacy for each other, we don’t film the stuff we do, but Candice was like, “We have to film this class!” So she actually got her phone and we literally filmed it on her phone. She did try to post it on Twitter, but we had to upload it on YouTube first. I don’t think she has a YouTube account, so we just did it on mine. [Laughs] It was just really fun, you know what I mean? It wasn’t like planned. It was just very real and very much how we are together. We’re very goofy. We’re very fun. We’re happy girls, you know. We do hang out! People are like always surprised that actresses hang out with each other, but me, Candice, Nina, Sara [Canning] — we’re pretty solid.

When I talked to [executive producer] Julie Plec, she made it clear that keeping Elena safe from Klaus [Joseph Morgan] is the No. 1 priority in the final episodes. What lengths is Bonnie willing to go to to save her friend?

Anything. Elena is the only family she has left. So imagine if that was you and that was the only real family that you had left. What would you do for them? I know I would do anything for mine. Bonnie’s no different. If it had been anybody else given the responsibility and the secret of how to kill Klaus, I think that, hopefully, any other character would have done the same thing.

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Dilemmas will abound when “The Vampire Diaries” returns with six new episodes Thursday on the CW. The Klaus Chapter, as executive producer Julie Plec has dubbed the final episodes of the season, will be full of challenges and choices, not to mention some possible character deaths. As the series prepares to introduce the much-talked-about Klaus (Joseph Morgan), the biggest dilemma facing Elena (Nina Dobrev) and her friends will be figuring out how to kill the Original vampire before he can sacrifice her. They already know of one way to do the trick using the white oak ash-dipped dagger, but there’s just one problem: The dagger is embedded in Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and taking it out would mean letting him come back to undead life.

“There’s one weapon, two originals. I wonder what’s going to happen,” Plec mused coyly during an interview with Showtracker. “That is their big conundrum. As soon as we get back from the hiatus, we’re going to start asking that question and seeing what our characters decide to do about it will be pretty big.”

Deciding how to handle the ritual and best protect Elena will cause tension between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who have a difference of opinion on the matter. (Elena’s biological parents, John (David Anders) and Isobel (Mia Kirshner), also put in their own two cents.) “Damon will stop at nothing to insure Elena’s survival,” said Plec. “Stefan is sort more willing to let Elena have a voice in the process. Damon doesn’t necessarily like what Elena has to say.”

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How many women does it take to get to the mother on “How I Met Your Mother”?

That’s the question on the mind of some eager-to-know fans of the CBS sitcom. By our count, it’s a lot and counting. Although a romantic at heart, Ted (Josh Radnor) has had a bevy of love interests. Some, like Robin (Cobie Smulders), Stella (Sarah Chalke) and current love Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), were serious girlfriends. Others were fleeting encounters or brief relationships. And then there’s the string of pop star, one-episode love interests: Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore.

“If you start to count all the ladies that Ted’s been with, Ted starts to look like a bit of a man whore,” executive producer Craig Thomas tells Show Tracker.

We asked Thomas to look back at some of those ladies for a gallery featuring the women on Ted’s journey to the mother. But with so many ladies, we couldn’t include everyone. Still, we think of you fondly, Natalie (Anne Dudek), Cathy (Lindsay Price), Holli (Rebecca Budig), Blah Blah (Abigail Spencer), Margaret (Brooke D’Orsay), Vicky (Courtney Ford), Jen (Lindsay Sloane), Royce (Judy Greer), Becky (Laura Bell Bundy), mysterious Love Solutions match and many, many others.

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Things are getting a little more romantically complicated on “How I Met Your Mother,” but it has nothing to do with the mother. Michael Trucco will appear as a potential love interest for Robin (Cobie Smulders) in an upcoming episode, CBS confirms.

Trucco will play Robin’s often discussed but never before seen crush from years earlier in the April 18 episode, TV Guide Magazine first reported. The character has the potential to come back next season despite the fact that Trucco is currently on USA Network’s “Fairly Legal.”

During a recent interview, Show Tracker asked executive producer Craig Thomas what’s in store for Robin next season. Earlier this month, executive producer Carter Bays told AOL TV that “there’s going to be a lot of Robin next season.”

“There were a bunch of huge, emotional arcs going on for the other characters in Season 6, so Robin’s stories were more light and funny,” Thomas replied. “Next season, we intend to dig into Robin’s emotional life more, while, hopefully, sacrificing none of the funny.”

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Not counting TV’s crime procedurals, it’s hard to think of a show that kills characters as frequently as The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” Death is a constant part of life in Mystic Falls, a town full of vampires, werewolves and witches. It’s woven into the very fabric the show. Many of the main characters are undead themselves and even the human heroine begins the series struggling with the death of her parents.

“In a show where you have people dealing with mortality and immortality and humanity, death is always going to be hanging over everyone’s heads,” executive producer Julie Plec tells Show Tracker.

That constant dark cloud over Mystic Falls means no one is safe forever, not even the show’s main trio of Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). “I think that there are people who are safe for quite a long time,” Plec says. “But the rule always applies. Anything can happen at any time, and not everybody’s going to like it, and not everyone’s going to be happy about it.” While Elena, Stefan and Damon are probably not going anywhere soon, it does seem likely there will be more casualties when the series returns April 7. “I think we’ve got about 20  characters working at this point. Yes, there will be a percentage of them that will not make it to season three.”

But before the show says goodbye to another face, we asked Plec to take a stroll down memory lane and remember those who have already passed for a photo gallery. From poor Uncle Zach (Chris William Martin) to the powerful Elijah (Daniel Gillies), there are plenty of fallen characters in Mystic Falls. In fact, there’s so many, some didn’t make the cut for our gallery. Sorry, Logan (Chris Johnson), Bree (Gina Torres), Sarah (Maiara Walsh), Aimee (Tiya Sircar), Luka (Bryton James), Dr. Martin (Randy J. Goodwin) and Mystic Falls’ many unnamed high school students and custodial workers with the unfortunate luck of being on school property at the wrong time. You may have missed the cut, but there are some people in Atlanta, where the show shoots, who remember your death.

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