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After last week’s “The Vampire Diaries,” which very much felt like a season ender, I thought this week’s episode might feel more like a coda. In some ways it did. Like Rose’s death in “The Descent,” the consequences of Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) werewolf bite played out in drawn-out, cerebral fashion. It was more about emotion than action. Also contributing to the coda feeling: The absence of Matt (Zach Roerig) and Tyler (Michael Trevino, which was disappointing after last week’s events. Both have real stakes in the mythology now and in their relationships with Caroline (Candice Accola). Not to mention, Matt was very involved in the Sheriff’s scheme at one point. (What was she planning? Just to kill them all off? We never really got answers.)

But “As I Lay Dying” still packed plenty of surprises and a shocking twist of an ending, planting the seeds for a very interesting season 3. Let’s take a look at some of the storylines that set up big things for next year:

Stefan goes dark side. In order to save his brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley) went to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) for a cure. Because life’s just cruel, the cure is Klaus’ blood. But Klaus wasn’t willing to give it up for free. He wanted something in return – Stefan, but not the useless version of himself he currently is. Klaus remembers when Stefan was “a true Ripper,” who massacred an entire village during one of his off-the-wagon periods. That’s the Stefan he wants to leave Mystic Falls by his side. If he drinks blood, Klaus will give him his own. Stefan did it and even drank from a scared girl to get his brother the cure. Although Stefan and Damon sometimes mirror Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus – both Stefan and Elijah are cleaning up their brothers’ messes in this episode – there is a deep love between Stefan and Damon. “He just sacrificed everything to save his brother, including you,” Katherine (Nina Dobrev) tells Elena (Dobrev). That says a lot about the depth of Stefan and Damon’s bond. Klaus, however, tells Elijah he’ll take him to their family’s bodies and then stakes him. Not cool. Elijah better come out of that coffin next season!

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“The Vampire Diaries” is not kidding around. For most of this season, we’ve been hearing about a sacrifice and that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) would die. So what happened Thursday night? Klaus went through with the sacrifice and Elena died. So did a lot of other people. But unlike them, Elena came back because, well, there’s no show without her. With four deaths, if we’re not counting Elena, the curse broken and several juicy reveals, this was quite an action-packed episode, and it’s not even the finale. Obviously, next week will deal with Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder’s) werewolf bite, but the real action was Thursday night. I have a feeling next week’s episode will play like a coda. But before we start worrying about Damon’s life, let’s take some time to mourn those who died.

Jules (Michaela McManus) — I can’t say I’m going to miss her. Jules came off as a harsh character, who turned Tyler (Michael Trevino) against Caroline (Candice Accola), so that’s a big no-no. Still, she was forced into survival mode by her very nature and perhaps her instincts were well-intentioned. “I was just trying to help Tyler. I didn’t want him to be alone,” were her last words before Klaus killed her. I feel bad that she never found out the curse she wanted to break wouldn’t even help her.

Greta (Lisa Tucker) –- Greta, Greta, Greta. Who were you? Why were you so loyal to Klaus? Why did you not think to put a protection spell on yourself? Oh well, that made it easier for Damon to snap your neck when he and Bonnie flew in for the kill. In a way, the entire Martin family died without leaving much of a mark on the show or on me. They came, they were devious, they served some purpose, and then they died. But we never really got to know or care about them.

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During this week’s “The Vampire Diaries,” my main thought was, “Thank goodness for Elena.” It’s not very often that you get a heroine like Elena (Nina Dobrev) in the vampire genre. (“Buffy” is a very special exception since she also killed the creatures she sometimes loved.) From the beginning of the show, Elena has been more than the girl you want to be because she’s in the enviable position of being caught between so many good-looking guys. She commands respect. She fights back to the best of her abilities. She demands to be heard. She cares strongly for her girlfriends and doesn’t let herself be defined by boys. She makes up her own mind.

It’s because of those things that what Damon (Ian Somerhalder) did in “The Last Day” is truly horrible. Fearing that Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) elixir would not work and that he’d lose Elena, he fed her his blood so she’d come back as a vampire. And he did it against her will. Rightfully, Elena was horrified and upset. He took away her ability to choose. Making things even more disturbing, the imagery of Damon forcing his blood down her throat was dangerously close to the idea of someone forcing themselves upon another person. It was a violation and a breach of one’s personal space and ability to feel safe and secure in their own skin. I’m sure the show will eventually find a way to overcome what Damon did, but right now, it’s looking pretty unforgivable.

To get her mind off things, Stefan (Paul Wesley) took Elena on a hike to the top of a mountain. Along the way, he laid out the good and the bad things about being a vampire. Good: You feel like you can do anything, you love more passionately. Bad: Blood, obviously, the bad emotions are amplified, forcing some vamps to turn them off so they don’t crumble. It was very matter-of-fact and honest. Stefan also admitted to Elena that he’s thought about her as a vampire and would love to spend forever with her, but could never ask something like that of her. It has to be her choice. Bless you, Stefan.

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Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is a name that we’ve heard a lot on this season of the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” He’s strong, powerful, bad, and when he finally made his entrance in last week’s episode, we learned he’s also more than just a vampire. But it was Daniel Gillies’ performance as Elijah that made the vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus immortal. Executive producer Julie Plec was so won over by his work that they decided to make the Originals unkillable, something she’s talked about before with Show Tracker.

Once Gillies made his mark on the show, the brotherly connection between Elijah and Klaus was born. “Elijah was not a character we began the season knowing would be part of the story,” Plec said during a recent press event. “Once we knew Elijah was sticking around, that was the link we made.” (The Curse of the Sun and the Moon, meanwhile, was always intended to be a ruse.) As brothers, Elijah and Klaus provide a mirror to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) relationship and reinforce the theme of family throughout the show, but they’re not an exact reflection of the Salvatore brothers.

“In the beginning, both Joseph [Morgan] and I were trying to figure out which one we were,” Gillies said. “Am I more like Damon or am I [like Stefan]? We couldn’t figure out which one. Actually, we’re sort of a combination of both things.” Morgan echoed the statement, adding, “Both of our characters carry aspects of both of [them], for sure.” The complicated relationship between the two brothers will be further explored in the present day, where things are a little different. “In the 1400s, there’s a different hierarchy going on between us than when we meet again in modern day,” Morgan said. “There’ll be a very different dynamic between the two of us.”

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With only a handful of episodes left to go this season, “The Vampire Diaries” has a lot of answers to dole out and a lot of mythology to get through. In this week’s episode, simply titled “Klaus” — what else needs to be said, really? — the show managed to do a big info dump in highly entertaining and enlightening fashion. As usual, the surprises were aplenty, and I didn’t see them coming. The biggest ones came from Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) twisty backstory of Klaus (Joseph Morgan). After pulling out the dagger, Elena (Nina Dobrev) gave Elijah her word that she’d tell him everything. He returned the favor, spilling the following reveals:

1. Elijah and Klaus are brothers. This is one that as soon as he said it, I kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner. “The Vampire Diaries” is very much about history repeating itself. At the center are two brothers who’ve twice been in love with the same girl. Of course Elijah and Klaus would be brothers also involved with the same girl, the very one who looks like the present-day version. But while Elijah seems like the Stefan (Paul Wesley) in this triangle, Klaus does not seem to care for Katherine (Dobrev) the way Damon (Ian Somerhalder) does for Elena.

2. The Sun and the Moon Curse is fake. The thing they’ve been fighting nearly all season? Not real, psych! Bold move, show. Klaus drew up the Aztec scrolls himself because nothing gets supernatural species looking for a doppelganger and a moonstone quicker than some ancient mumbo jumbo. Just as Elijah reveals this, Stefan calls Elena about Jenna (Sara Canning). She runs off to find her, but all I’m thinking is, “Screw Jenna! What do you mean it’s not real?! And why does he still want the doppelganger and the moonstone?”

3. Klaus is half vampire/half werewolf! Elijah told Elena that he and Klaus are the oldest vampires on earth and all other vampires come from them. How this is possible with human parents, Elijah dismisses as a long story. Then Elijah dropped the bombshell that Klaus is from a different bloodline, a blood of werewolves! Their mother had an affair. So that makes Klaus what exactly? A “deadly hybrid,” Elijah tells her. So deadly that the witches sought to restore balance to nature by making his werewolf side dormant, which is the real curse. And he wants to lift the curse because…

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“I think I convinced myself he’s not real, but he is.” That’s how Elena (Nina Dobrev) described Klaus (currently a very clearly gleeful Matt Davis) on the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries.” And boy, did the threat of Klaus become real in “The Last Dance” as Klaus took over Alaric’s body and began to terrorize Elena, her friends and even her enemies. Klaus did a number on Katherine (Dobrev), who practically jumped out of her skin when he got close. It was a startling sight to see Katherine so unnerved. Remember at the beginning of the season when everyone thought Katherine was their biggest problem? How far we’ve come… Katherine had good reason to be scared. Klaus is a pretty sadistic bastard, who compelled her to stab herself over and over. He also compelled her to get the 411 on Elena and Alaric’s background, including his currently M.I.A girlfriend Jenna (Sara Canning). I was disappointed we didn’t get a Klaus-as-Alaric (Klausric?) and Jenna confrontation. But I was even more disappointed that Jenna seems to have disappeared from the show. Just when she finally learned something true and had story potential, she went away to stew at the library. This is the time when Jenna should start to dig and demand, not disappear.

Klaus used his new human disguise to infiltrate Elena’s circle, even stepping in to teach Alaric’s history class. In Alaric’s body, Klaus doesn’t need permission to enter Elena’s new home, the Salvatore mansion. Pretty ingenious, and clearly he had designs on Alaric’s body for a reason. He strolls right in and powwows with the group about how to kill Klaus. Bonnie (Katerina Graham) basically says, “Bring it!” She’s powerful enough to take him. Klaus’ human body is not as powerful, but his minion helpfully suggests a protection spell and a game of chicken. He just has to keep provoking Bonnie until she over-exerts herself and dies. Witch problem solved.

At the 60s dance, Klaus continues his taunting spree before compelling some students to attack Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) while he goes after Bonnie and Elena.

“You’re not on my hit list tonight,” he says to Elena before looking at Bonnie. “But you are.”

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Hiatuses can be difficult, but the great thing about “The Vampire Diaries” is that the show always makes it worth the wait. Tonight’s episode, “Know Thy Enemy,” wasted no time getting down to business and was full of surprise twists I didn’t see coming. You’d think at this point, I’d be able to telegraph a few twists, but nope. I credit the writers with creating some of TV’s most shocking, thrilling hours. Let’s take a look at some of tonight’s biggest reveals:

John (David Anders) and Isobel (Mia Kirshner) have hearts! After giving Jenna (Sara Canning) a shock by showing up on her doorstep, Isobel (and John) had a chat with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley), who seemed to take some pleasure in telling Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to call Alaric (Matt Davis) and “let him know that his wife showed up on his girlfriend’s doorstep.” They claimed to be working to protect Elena. All those vampires that died during Founders’ Day? That was to help Elena (and a nice tieback to Season 1’s mythology). They couldn’t risk word getting back to Klaus that Katherine (Dobrev) was alive. After the events of the hour went down, the cold, unfeeling Isobel from last season seemed to have been replaced by a woman who truly regretted not getting to know her daughter. And then, in a surprisingly touching moment, John offered to do whatever it takes to keep Elena safe, even if that means leaving town. She declined his offer because he’s the only parent she has left and maybe she could learn not to hate him. (Is it just me or did Damon seem bemused by the indestructible John? I loved the way he kept tossing him around. John is the (semi-redeemed) cockroach that won’t die!)

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Raise your hand if your excitement for new episodes of “The Vampire Diaries,” kicking off tonight on the CW, is equally matched by your anxiety and fear about what’s to come. After chatting with Katerina Graham, who plays witch Bonnie, Show Tracker is definitely scared for the safety of Mystic Falls’ residents. Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life is in jeopardy, and that means Bonnie will do anything she can to help her, according to Graham. Including risking her own life? In the interview below, Graham talks about the dangers ahead, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie’s new relationship, friendship onscreen and offscreen between the show’s leading ladies, “an amazing scene” between Bonnie and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and much more. She also hints at the return of a familiar face.

I have to ask you about the video you posted on YouTube of you and Candice Accola dancing to “Holiday.”

You know what’s so funny is that Candice and I go to dance class all the time, and we usually never film it. Just out of privacy for each other, we don’t film the stuff we do, but Candice was like, “We have to film this class!” So she actually got her phone and we literally filmed it on her phone. She did try to post it on Twitter, but we had to upload it on YouTube first. I don’t think she has a YouTube account, so we just did it on mine. [Laughs] It was just really fun, you know what I mean? It wasn’t like planned. It was just very real and very much how we are together. We’re very goofy. We’re very fun. We’re happy girls, you know. We do hang out! People are like always surprised that actresses hang out with each other, but me, Candice, Nina, Sara [Canning] — we’re pretty solid.

When I talked to [executive producer] Julie Plec, she made it clear that keeping Elena safe from Klaus [Joseph Morgan] is the No. 1 priority in the final episodes. What lengths is Bonnie willing to go to to save her friend?

Anything. Elena is the only family she has left. So imagine if that was you and that was the only real family that you had left. What would you do for them? I know I would do anything for mine. Bonnie’s no different. If it had been anybody else given the responsibility and the secret of how to kill Klaus, I think that, hopefully, any other character would have done the same thing.

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Dilemmas will abound when “The Vampire Diaries” returns with six new episodes Thursday on the CW. The Klaus Chapter, as executive producer Julie Plec has dubbed the final episodes of the season, will be full of challenges and choices, not to mention some possible character deaths. As the series prepares to introduce the much-talked-about Klaus (Joseph Morgan), the biggest dilemma facing Elena (Nina Dobrev) and her friends will be figuring out how to kill the Original vampire before he can sacrifice her. They already know of one way to do the trick using the white oak ash-dipped dagger, but there’s just one problem: The dagger is embedded in Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and taking it out would mean letting him come back to undead life.

“There’s one weapon, two originals. I wonder what’s going to happen,” Plec mused coyly during an interview with Showtracker. “That is their big conundrum. As soon as we get back from the hiatus, we’re going to start asking that question and seeing what our characters decide to do about it will be pretty big.”

Deciding how to handle the ritual and best protect Elena will cause tension between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who have a difference of opinion on the matter. (Elena’s biological parents, John (David Anders) and Isobel (Mia Kirshner), also put in their own two cents.) “Damon will stop at nothing to insure Elena’s survival,” said Plec. “Stefan is sort more willing to let Elena have a voice in the process. Damon doesn’t necessarily like what Elena has to say.”

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Not counting TV’s crime procedurals, it’s hard to think of a show that kills characters as frequently as The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” Death is a constant part of life in Mystic Falls, a town full of vampires, werewolves and witches. It’s woven into the very fabric the show. Many of the main characters are undead themselves and even the human heroine begins the series struggling with the death of her parents.

“In a show where you have people dealing with mortality and immortality and humanity, death is always going to be hanging over everyone’s heads,” executive producer Julie Plec tells Show Tracker.

That constant dark cloud over Mystic Falls means no one is safe forever, not even the show’s main trio of Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). “I think that there are people who are safe for quite a long time,” Plec says. “But the rule always applies. Anything can happen at any time, and not everybody’s going to like it, and not everyone’s going to be happy about it.” While Elena, Stefan and Damon are probably not going anywhere soon, it does seem likely there will be more casualties when the series returns April 7. “I think we’ve got about 20  characters working at this point. Yes, there will be a percentage of them that will not make it to season three.”

But before the show says goodbye to another face, we asked Plec to take a stroll down memory lane and remember those who have already passed for a photo gallery. From poor Uncle Zach (Chris William Martin) to the powerful Elijah (Daniel Gillies), there are plenty of fallen characters in Mystic Falls. In fact, there’s so many, some didn’t make the cut for our gallery. Sorry, Logan (Chris Johnson), Bree (Gina Torres), Sarah (Maiara Walsh), Aimee (Tiya Sircar), Luka (Bryton James), Dr. Martin (Randy J. Goodwin) and Mystic Falls’ many unnamed high school students and custodial workers with the unfortunate luck of being on school property at the wrong time. You may have missed the cut, but there are some people in Atlanta, where the show shoots, who remember your death.

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